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(515) is the opening track on Slipknot's second studio album, Iowa. It is a minute long. It has no music from the band but a voice which repeatedly blurts out (In a twisted voice) 'Death!' and makes bizarre screams to a deep bass like noise. This song was also used as the intro PA music on the Iowa World Tour.

Song Meaning

(515), is the spooky song intro with roars from the mighty Knot. The name was chosen because this is the area code for Iowa.

"515 is the area code of the capital of Iowa, and repeated over and over in this a 1:00-minute song is the word "death". This song is basically about the psychotic rage that is hidden within all of our minds, and after being pushed to a certain limit, we will eventually snap and let it all loose."


  • 515 is the area code of Des Moines, Iowa, where many of the members of Slipknot came from.
  • Contrary to belief, Corey did not do the vocals for this track, but, in fact, Sid did; before completing Iowa, his grandfather was ill, and Sid was on his way to visit him, and unfortunately his grandfather had passed before Sid could even visit him. Sid then entered the studio, broke down and repeatedly screamed "death", thus (515) was created.


Slipknot - (515) (Audio)01:01

Slipknot - (515) (Audio)


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