Alessandro Venturella
Number position Unknown
Nickname(s) Alex, V-Man
Born March 7, 1978
Joined 2014 - present
Occupations Musician, Bassist, Guitarist
Masks Burlap mask (2014 - present)

Alessandro Venturella (born March 7, 1978) is the current bassist for Slipknot, filling in the spot made by Paul Gray after his death and Donnie Steele after his departure.

Joining the band Edit

Alessandro was one of the new additions to the band along with Jay Weinberg, along with Jay his identity was kept secret from fans as he wasn't a full member at the time. But the music video for The Devil in I leaked his identity due to the tattoos on his hand.

Mask Edit

His mask is exactly the same as Jay Weinberg's (before he made changes to it), it is in the design of a mask made from a burlap sack, it also has a the Slipknot logo on the forehead and a zip on the mouth.

Onstage Incident Edit

On August 2nd 2015, a Slipknot show at Hartford Ct was interrupted when Venturella collapsed into the crowd, where he was caught by the fans and was rushed to hospital.

Slipknot made an official statement on their social media revealing that "Vman" was severely dehydrated, therefore causing his incident.

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