Anthony Stevens
Number position #3 (former)
Nickname(s) Satone
Born Unknown
Joined 1998
Occupations Roadie/Drum Tech/Musician
Masks Liar Mask (1998)

The person wearing the Liar mask on the cover is not Chris nor Brandon, but old Slipknot tech/roadie Anthony ‘Satone’ Stevens. Chris was later photoshopped over the original for the final album cover.

Trivia Edit

•He is one of the singers of Downthesun.

•He drank piss for a hundred bucks, then puked and drank it again for an additional 75 bucks.

•Shawn paid for Satone's face tattoo.

Anthony and Paul in the "Spit It Out" video


Anthony wrapped up in cellophane and painted all sick, for the inside tray card of the self titled cd

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