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Donnie Steele was the original guitarist for Slipknot recruited even before Josh Brainard . He played guitar on their independent demo Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat.Before Slipknot, Steele was also
in a band with current Slipknot member Mick Thompson, and former Slipknot Members Paul Gray and Anders Colsefini called Body Pit. Steele left the band supposedly because he "found God", but this is unsubstantiated and is left to individual speculation. He did not wear a mask during his time with Slipknot.

Donnie Steele briefly returned to Slipknot as a touring bassist to replace the late Paul Gray before eventually being replaced by Alessandro Venturella as the band's touring bassist.

Jim Root revealed that he was involved with a few of the studio recordings of ".5 The Gray Chapter" but had ultimatley declined to rejoin Slipknot full-time in favor of starting a family with his wife.

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