Dynamo 2000 Edit

Slipknot - (HD)(Live at Dynamo Open Air 2000)(Full Concert)(Pro-Shot)720p44:32

Slipknot - (HD)(Live at Dynamo Open Air 2000)(Full Concert)(Pro-Shot)720p

Was the first concert that Slipknot did the Zero Bullshit segment during Spit It Out (This was the first show where Corey said ''Jump the fuck up'' in a few other shows before this it was get the fuck up.


1. 742617000027

2. (Sic)

3. Eyeless

4. Wait And Bleed

5. No Life

6. Liberate

7. Purity

8. Prosthetics

9. Spit It Out

10. Get This

11. Surfacing

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