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Slipknot - Eeyore (Audio)02:47

Slipknot - Eeyore (Audio)

Eeyore is the hidden song on the Self Titled album. The song seems to be a very rough cut, almost like a joke song with very rapid, out of place lyrics. the track is overall 2:46 minutes long, although the real music ends at 2:35 and then ends with a very quiet recording of people talking, obviously never cut up for the album.This song comes in at about the 10 minute mark on the live track of "Surfacing." But before that you hear Chris coughing and the guys talking. This song scared me when I was looking for it, it came outta nowhere.


Meet the man that made me 

Greet the can that I came from  

Oh the fucking sacred heart of Jesus  

Blew it in the back room  

Feelin' like a real goon  

Slam the fuck aside, man  

I'm on - you're not 

I am the great big mouth 

Good riddance - though I'm sad to say  

I didn't get to kill you  

Rhetoric - Better look both ways  

I gotta get an arm through  


What the fuck is up? 

Get the fuck away  

Run if you want to  


You're a guilty conscience  

Laugh last - break through  


Prepare you fucker 

I don't give a shit, bitch 

I don't give a fuck, bitch 

I don't understand, bitch 

You don't matter 

I don't give a fuck, man

don't give a shit, man

I don't really care, man 

I'm the super sized man

Song Meaning

This song is about ''The dick in the pit'' this dude that wouldn't help any one up when they fell, and would throw elbows etc. since he did this a bunch of people kicked his ass afterwards, which goes with the line ''Good riddance though, I'm sad to say I didn't get to kill you''.

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