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Slipknot - Goodbye (Audio)04:36

Slipknot - Goodbye (Audio)

"Goodbye" is the 8th song in ".5 - The Gray Chapter". It is a strong reference to the passing of former member, Paul Gray, who passed away because of a morphine overdose.

Lyrics Edit

Come on over

Come unglued

It's not easy

To see all of you

Help yourselves

Help is on the way

Well, there's nothing to lose, so now

I have something to say

Maybe we can all recognize a moment of sadness

Maybe we can finally agree on the same point-of-view

A long time ago we believed that we were united

So the last thing on Earth I am ready to do is say


A long time ago we discovered that nothing could stop us

This hasn't torn us apart, so nothing ever will

How can we know where we are if the sun is behind us

But this moment will show us the rest of our lives

No one is going to save us this time

No one can know what we're feeling

So don't even try

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