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Metabolic is the thirteenth track on Slipknot's second album, Iowa


"This song is basically 'Diluted' Part II that is about my dad. It is about being so enraged yet being so impotent because there is nothing you can do about it. "It is about that time of the morning when you are sitting in bed and you are crying uncontrollably, and you are trying not to feel but all you can do is feel because every time you shut your eyes it's there. It is probably one of the most personal songs I have ever written just for the fact that even though I never knew my father and even though I have never met him, I feel like I am turning into him. I have no mental picture of what he is supposed to be, but sometimes I wonder if I am doing the things he used to do. It's definitely a pissed off, heavy, fuck you, I don't give a shit because nobody told me who I was because I had to figure it out for myself song." In Metabolic, Corey is trying to get across that he isn't perfect. This song is a little phsycotic because with the quote - "The hardest part was knowing that I could never be you" he is saying he knew he wanted to be like his father but he was to imperfect to fill his shoes.

The quote "My demise - I took a life worth living and made it worth a mockery" is powerful because he took his life, which was in the begining worth living, and he screwed up so much, he turned it into shit.

The quote "I wanna dress in your insecurities and be the perfect you" means, I wanna wear your flaws, and be the ultimate You. The perfect man. But it won't happen because I am to imperfect.

The quote "Here we go - the ultimate irony " is that he wanted to be his father but now he is no-where, and he is known by so many, he is important, and his father still hasn't changed. You're in the same place you've always been. The irony factor is if he chose to be exactly like him, he'd be know where I would be too. So, his shitty life, and the shit I was forced to go through, has turned out to be worth it in the end.


Slipknot - Metabolic (Audio)04:00

Slipknot - Metabolic (Audio)

Gone - I couldn't murder your promise  

Right before my eyes  

The revolutions of my psychosis  

Kept me outta the way 

Once - inside - all I hold is ash... 

Fall - suppressing every feeling  

I'm in so much pain  

I have every fuckin' right to hate you  

I can't take it! 

The hardest part was knowing that I could never be you  

Now all I do is sit around and wish I could forget you 

My demise - I took a life worth living and  

Made it worth a mockery  

I deny - I fold, but they keep on coming  

X4 (Stop) I'm always ready to die But you're killing me  

Who are you to me? 

Who am I to you? 

Is this a lesson in nepotistic negligence? 

By default, you are my only link to the outside 

Psychosomatic suicide  

Where were you when I was down? 

Can you show me a way...  

To face everyday with this face - goodbye 

My demise - I took a life worth living and  

Made it worth a mockery  

I deny - I fold, but they keep on coming  

(Stop) I'm always ready to die  

But you're killing me 

When I blur my eyes, they make the whole 

World breath - I see you fucking me 

And I am absolutely controlling every urge

To mutilate - the one and only answer 

So much for memories... 

I wanna dress in your insecurities 

And be the perfect you - I'm through 

I'm out-stretched out for all to loathe 

Here we go - the ultimate irony

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