My Plauge is a song from the Iowa album and a remix titled "New Abuse Mix" appears in the movie, Resident Evil.

Song MeaningEdit

Corey is pissed and fed up from posers. The quote "Kill you fuck you I will never be you" is directed to followers. People who are not being themselves, and trying to fit in by acting like someone else. The quote “I know why you plague me” basically means that he knows why people are fucking with him and he is sick of it and of all the posers in this world; people doing things for popularity and so on. The quote “I'll reach in and take a bite out of that shit you call a heart,” is just warning everyone not to push him any further or else he will snap and kill him. The quote “I know why u plague (yourself)” is informing the person that he knows why he is messing around with him, and that he has had enough and he cannot be pushed around any longer.


Slipknot - My Plague (Audio)03:41

Slipknot - My Plague (Audio)

I'm in conniptions for the final act you came here for

The one derivative you manage is the one I abhor

I need a minute to elaborate for everyone the

Everyday bullshit things that you have done

Your impossible ego fuck is like a

Megalomaniacal tab on my tongue

You fuckin' touch me I will rip you apart

I'll reach in and take a bite out of that

Shit you call a heart...

I don't mind being ogled, ridiculed

Made to feel minuscule

If you consider the source, it's kinda pitiful

The only thing you really know about me is...

...that's all you'll ever know

I know why you blame me (yourself)

know why you plague me (yourself)

I'm turning it around like a knife in the shell

I wanna understand why, but I'm hurting myself

I haven't seen a lotta reasons to stop it

I can't just drop it

I'm just a bastard, but at least I admit it

At least I admit it!!

I know why you blame me (yourself)

I know why you plague me (yourself)

Kill you - fuck you - I will never be you

Kill you - fuck you - I will never be you

I can't fuckin' take it anymore

A snap of the synapse

And now it's fuckin' war

Kill you - fuck you - I will never be you

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