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New Abortion is a song off of the album Iowa. New Abortion takes riffs from the Crowz Era song May 17th

Song MeaningEdit

"That is for every fan we have who feels disorientated, especially kids who come from towns like we did. It's basically a new definition of abortion for the fact that these kids are born with life but that is basically all they have. They have no chance for a future and have no chance of finding themselves. They have no inside influence that is going to push them in the right direction. They fit and they stagnate, which when I think about it, real abortion is better than that fucking bullshit. These people are born with a life but they still have to endure it. These are the kids you see shooting up schools, losing their minds over sitting in their rooms and not having anywhere to go, so that is my testimony to these kids - that I know where they are coming from." With the quote "I'm ethereal, my children are legion, serial They stick to my skin like beloved cysts" Corey is getting across that all of us maggots stick together, we are one, and Corey feels like we are all his children, and he is the guiding light to show us the way.

With the quote "Everywhere you look, it's like they know, their fingerprints are hidden by CONTROL" He is stating that these parents/authority figures, think they know every little thing about everything. The reality is they have no clue what the younger generation is capable of, and they fail to realize this, with all these rules and restrictions.

With the Quote "You Cant Take My Soul Away From Me" Corey is saying you do not control me, and you never will. Meaning I am for me. Not for you, get the fuck out of here, I am not your puppet.

With the quote "What do you need to see? Ya feel the impact?" He is saying do you need to be shown what we are capable of? Your not going to take our word for it because your stubborn and think your right.

The basic overlay of New Abortion is we maggots need to stick together to survive. We will not stand to be pushed around any longer. We will not be looked down upon anymore because there is so much more depth, so much more then what these assholes see. They look, they judge, and that's the end of it. They don't bother to wander beneath the surface of things. They think they're right and really they're so wrong it's pitiful they do not realize we maggots are done with the belittling. Time to take control.


I'm ethereal, my children are legion, serial  

Slipknot - New Abortion (Audio)03:37

Slipknot - New Abortion (Audio)

They stick to my skin like beloved cysts  

I tear away with my nails and teeth and fists 

Touch the hands of inverted saints  

Follow my heart through the threaded pain  

Callow man is a sentinel screaming  

I see the future; the future is bleeding 

Sores, every goddamn minute I can feel 'em now  

Like a virus, you will never kill me now  

Goin' underground, comin' on like hepatitis  

We're out - and you can't reshape us  

Another bug in the construct  

Tearin' up the main bus B  

Zeros and ones are everything - execute me 

Everywhere you look, it's like they know  

Their fingerprints are hidden by CONTROL  

This is where the line is drawn, see  


What do you need to see? 

Ya feel the impact?  

Gotta retract - everybody get back  

What is this?  

It's like a big conspiracy  

Fields of dejected morbid progeny  

They always say that it's always our fault  

But everything we say is taken with a grain of salt  

Man, it's always the same, if we talk or complain  

We only wanna upset the balance  

How's it feel to be the New Abortion?  

The only generation to suffer extortion 

Everywhere you look, it's like they know  

Their fingerprints are hidden by CONTROL  

This is where the line is drawn, see  



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