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Opium Of The People is the fifth song from Slipknot's third album Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)


It's a message that all contained on the album is for the bands benefit only, therefore, don't expect all the songs to be relatable to your own life.


Slipknot - Opium of the People (Audio)03:14

Slipknot - Opium of the People (Audio)

Watch those idiosyncrasies   

Watch all the idiots fall on me   

Running out of ways to get outta the way  

Take another shot just to stay the same  

But I need some balance - Back it off  

Fill your lungs 'til it makes you cough  

Tell me everything's gonna be alright  

'Cause I don't think I'll make it through tonight 

The only way - Is all the way (x5)

Oh - my - God  

It's judgement day and I'm not prepared  

Everybody out there's running scared  

So - Take a little bit off the top  

I don't care, just make it stop 

I won't give another soul... to you  

I won't give another life... to you  

You have to stop  


Do one thing and say something cryptic  

But the styles always clash  

One thing I know for sure  

The hypothetical won't work anymore  

One wrong move and they will pound!  

My nails are tight inside my wrists  

This sacrament is sacrilege and sentimental  

Deity experimental - Faith is accidental 

I won't give another soul... to you

I won't give another life... to you 

I won't give another thought... to you 

I won't give anymore of my hope... to you

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