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Scissors is the last song on the first album. It was originally a demo.

Demo Version

The song was originally titled "Heartache And A Pair Of Scissors". Unfortunately, no studio versions of Heartache And A Pair Of Scissors have (so far) been leaked. 

Album Version

Slipknot - Scissors (Full Version)19:19

Slipknot - Scissors (Full Version)

During the recording sessions of Slipknot, "Heartache and a Pair of Scissors" was recorded. The title was shortened to just "Scissors", and this version is obviously more emotional than the demo version. After the actual lyrics are done, Corey is screaming very hard and painfully, and added a new set of lyrics into a new section of the song not in the demo version (You want it, you need it). This is the thirteenth track on the album (not counting 742617000027 or Frail Limb Nursery), and the last visible track on the album.


I play doctor for five minutes flat  

Before I cut my heart open...and let the air out  

Three bugs, a pound of dust  

Some wind spilled over me  

In the strangest manner that had 

Broke away my tear spout 

As I lie there With my tongue spread wide open  

A black widow had offered me,   

A sweetheart tube  

As I injected  

The candid heart that I selected  

She said don't hesitate  

Just do what you have to do!    

It's hard to stay between the lines of skin  

Just cause I have nerves, don't mean that I can feel  

I wasn't very much fun to be with anyway  

Just let the blood run red  


Biding my time until the time is right  

Biding my time until the time is right  

Biding my time until the time is right  

Biding my time...  

It's time 

It is time


  • Scissors was used to close many shows during the s/t era. The longest live versions have reached up to 16 minutes. The older version of this song entitled Heartache and a pair of scissors was done live at the Safari Club in 1997.

Appears in


Slipknot: 10th Anniversary Edition


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