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"Last night, we did a song off of Iowa that we never played in Vegas before, and that got us thinking. We are doing 2 nights, why not do a song that we never played off the Iowa album EVER. Now this, this could be a fucking train-wreck, I am warning you right now, alright? So without further adieu my family and friends from fucking Las Vegas, Nevada, This song is called Skin Ticket!."

-Corey before playing the song for the first time live.

Skin Ticket is a song that appears on Iowa.

Song MeaningEdit

"In my opinion, the whole song is about Coreys life living in Iowa. Zero and zero nothing but zero means Iowa= the middle of nowhere. Running and running going on forever means there is nowhere to go, and he cant get out. When he says starving for zero, I think he means that he is STRIVING for nothing, and he wants something, and feeling, but there is nowhere to get it. When he says come see my cage built in my grain, I think he means the obvious... I am stuck here, and I have nowhere to go. But when he says come see my cage -built in migraine, I think he means See me, my cage, my creation. It makes him ache and hurt. He cant think. He has lost his mental picture of himself. This place he needs to escape. He needs life, and he needs to feel, but he cant. He cant see the world through his eyes, because he is stuck in his cage. His home. And when he says keeping myself alive through your EMPATHY, I think he means that WE are keeping him alive by our understanding of his lyrics, and his life and feelings. I think this song and all the others were meant to be figured out by us. He wants us to understand him. He needs someone to understand him, because no one ever did. He is counting on us. He needs us. If there are people out there that understand what he is trying to say, I believe he escaped his cage."


Slipknot - Skin Ticket (Audio)06:42

Slipknot - Skin Ticket (Audio)

Zero and zero is nothing but zero 

Cancer and people conspire together  

Running and running and going forever  

Collected and sampled, starving for zero 

Come see my cage - built in my grain 

Minus the inside and minus the circle  

Inhabit the riddle and fill in the hovel  

Wherein and herein, between us and near us  

Zero and zero is nothing but zero 

Come see my cage - built-in migraine 

Keeping myself alive... through your EMPATHY

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