Slipknot: 10th Anniversary Edition is a re-release of Slipknot's first album, set to be released on September 9, 2009. This version contains a bonus DVD containing Behind The (Sic).

Track Listing

  1. "742617000027"
  2. "(Sic)"
  3. "Eyeless"
  4. "Wait And Bleed"
  5. "Surfacing"
  6. "Spit It Out "
  7. "Tattered And Torn"
  8. "Purity"*
  9. "Liberate"
  10. "Prosthetics"
  11. "No Life"
  12. "Diluted
  13. "Only One
  14. "Scissors"
  15. "Eeyore"
  16. "Me Inside"
  17. "Get This"
  18. "Spit It Out" (Hyper Version)
  19. "Spit It Out" (Stamp You Out Mix)
  20. "(Sic)" (Molt Injected Mix)
  21. "Wait And Bleed" (Terry Date Mix)
  22. "Wait And Bleed" (Demo Version)
  23. "Snap" (Demo)
  24. "Interloper" (Demo)
  25. "Despise" (Demo)

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