Various songs throughout Slipknot's history have been revised and recreated throughout various albums and demos.

Changes usually include speed, different guitar parts, samples, lyrics, vocalists and more.

Slipknot - (sic)

The song Slipknot shows up on the Basement sessions in 1992, Is improved and becomes (sic) on Self Titled.


Gently was apparently written by Shawn in High School, shows up on basement largely as an epic/instrumental. Is completely improved on in MFKR, During Crowz we can hear that the guitar intro is removed and Corey slightly alters lyrics. Song finally end up on Iowa

Do Nothing/Bitchslap

Shows up on MFKR. Revised on Crowz.

Only One

Shows up on MFKR. Then evolved with Corey's Crowz recording, a lot faster, funkier and added samples. Then arrives on Self-Titled with new lyrics and less funk orientated.

Tattered And Torn

Written by Shawn arrives on MFKR, evolves during Crowz era. End up on Self-Titled with different lyrics then MFKR.

Killers Are Quiet - Iowa

Epic track from MFKR Era. Becomes extremely popular track. Surprisingly not recorded on self-titled. Popularity Ensues. It then re-appears on Iowa. Major difference is the lyric change and name change to "Iowa"

Idiot - Interloper - Eeyore - Diluted

Begins as "Idiot" from the basement sessions, is not recorded on MFKR., is played out during Anders Crowz era and is very similar to Self titled Digipack version. Interloper is revised during 1998-1999 to become "Diluted" on normal edition of Self titled. The song Eeyore uses the "leftover riffs" from idiot. Eeyore is the hidden track on the normal edition of self titled

Heartache And A Pair Of Scissors - Scissors

Appears in Crowz Anders Era. Played out live and sounds very similar almost identical to the self titled version entitled "Scissors"

Carve - Before I Forget

Appears during Crowz Anders. Recorded with Anders and possibly recorded with Corey. Opening Riff and song strucutre is used on Before I Forget.

Coleslaw - The Shape and New Abortion

Crowz Era Anders. Riffs later used in The Shape and New Abortion.

The Me Inside - Me Inside

Song around the crowz era with Anders, Later when Anders leaves Slipknot. Records new lyrics for Crowz Corey and is renamed "Me Inside". Song then appears on Self Titled

Lust Disease - Lust - Left Behind

Song around the Crowz era with Anders, later when Anders leaves Slipknot he uses the lyrics from Lust Disease for his Painface song "Lust". Slipknot re-uses riffs from Lust Disease for the Iowa song Left Behind.


Begins with Anders Crowz Version (Misspelled on CD as "Prosthesis"). Then is redone for Corey Crowz. Lyrics are Slightly changed when it arrives on Self titled

May 17th - New Abortion

Riffs from May 17th are used in New Abortion 

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