"-Talk-" is the second of three hidden songs in the second disc of the deluxe edition of .5: The Gray Chapter. This track is what appears to be a conversation happening in a street between a random individual (some poeple think it's producer Greg Fidelman) and a band member (some people believe it's Chris Fehn who is in the recording with the individual).

Here is a rough translation of the conversation:

Guy: "Slipknot? Yeah! Uh, I did all of Metallica. I was a drummer in Metallica on the first 3 cuts. Uh, fucking, high rythm somethingsomething Axl of Guns 'n' Roses. Uh Creed, I do Creed. Uh, Nine Inch Nails... Marilyn Manson... uh... who else can I do? Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, uuuhhh.... Red Hot Chili Peppers."

Band Member: "You were in the bands?"

Guy: "No I'm the one that's doin' all the song writin'. I wrote all the songs for all of those."

Band Member: "Really?!"

Guy: "Yeah! I'm the song writer. I'm the producer! I produced some of them in Dallas there at the studio there. I can't, it's on uh, if you know where the state fair is it's like station number 7 I think? Outta here, outta there it's right night to the state fair in Texas. East Grand and uh, Grand and some other fuckin' street there. I can't remember but that's where they shot me at was outside the radio station. Yeah I was Howard Stern on there, man. I'm the one who started Howard."

Band Member: "Wow man you got a lotta shit."

Guy: "Yeah. I worked for Walt Disney as well, man. I'm tryna, I don't think it'll take me a little while to get back in the swing of things, know'm'sayin?"

Band Member: "Yeah what songs did you write for Metallica?"

Guy: "All of-the whole damn CD's, all of 'em. From start to finish."

Band Member: "You wrote all of it?"

Guy: "All of it. From start to finish."

Band Member: "Wow!"

Guy: "Megadeth I drummed-when we did the recordings out there I was the drummer and uh, let's see. I was the lead singer of Guns 'n' Roses. All of Guns 'n' Roses is my voice on there. I cut that in the studio. Uh, Red Hot Chili Peppers was uh, I wrote and sent somewhere else and they produced it. Uhm, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, uhhhh Creed..uh...Third Eye Blind, uh... who else was there? I did like 20 different hills, man. I think I ended up with like 15 new bands. Uh and then I did uh... 6 country, maybe 7 country."

Band Member: "That's amazing! Yuh."

Guy: "It's been a lot, man. You look familiar! I was like 'Man wait... I think I've seen this dude somewhere. I probably talked to you samwhere(?). I was with my homeboy, Mike, but uhm, I didn't see him in a long time but uh, yeah I'm back in town, man! Just tryna get a paycheck. And uhm, hell it's been a while man. Ya'll doin' any hirin' over there?"

Band Member: "Not right now."

Guy: "No?"

Band Member: "No."

Guy: "You know anybody lookin' for songwriters n stuff?"

Band Member: "Naw."

Guy: "Cause I still have some uh, if I can remember where they are, I think they're in weggy(?) back home in Texas and in the vault is some uncut stuff, y'know? Just like it's already on CD's."

Band Member: "Mhm."

Guy: "All it's gotta do is be produced y'know'm'sayin?"

Band Member: "Yeah. Yeah"

Guy: "Yeah I got probably a hundred of 'em in uh...and I write, when I write I write extra's... but all I put out was about 6 CD's maybe 7."

Band Member: "Right."

Guy: "To me that's it. Y'know?"

Band Member: "Yeah."

Guy: "That's 10 year deal. That's a career in 10 years. haha."

Band Member: "Yeah exactly!"

Guy: "6 CD's, y'know? I'm Bob Seger. My son's Bob Seger!"

Band Member: "Really!?"

Guy: "Yeah! When I wrote all the Bob Seger's I hired this other Guy that's like a Portugal Guy. Well I fired him after the first 2 CD's Bob came out with. I paid him uhm....I paid him 3 million for 2 CD's. He's fucking good, man! But he ???maked out for sure??? he was a child molester, man and I just...y'know'man I said 'Hey dude. You gotta go man.' So I hired my son. My son work's at Thailand's in Texas. And uh, he finished off those last 5 CD's of Bob Seger."

Band Member: "Cool man. Good luck to you man."

Guy: "Yeah. I'll be back. Cool. I gotta go get me some rehabilitation and ??snoo?? lessons."

Band Member: "Yup."

Guy: "I used to work over there, man! That's my shop-my old shop! Down on Hollywood Vine right there."

Band Member: "Yeah."

Guy: "You walk in there and that first little ??creature?? down on the bottom that's me back in the 70's dude! Bad Company! Started out with Bad Company up in Detroit. Came down here and joined 2 other bands. I played just in studio on rhythm."

Band Member: "Wow!"

Guy: "Yeah. Bad trouble on Bad Company, man. Fuckin' cocaine habit. Fuckin'...hahaha"

Band Member: "Yeah. That'll do it. That'll do it."

Guy: "You know what I mean, right? You get on the road out there and you're in that bus man, ??you're shit.??"

Band Member: "Yeah."

Guy: "??You're lockin' it down, man.??"

Band Member: "So you were in Bad Company?"

Guy: "Yeah!"

Band Member: "What'd you play for 'em?"

Guy: "Rhythm."

Band Member: "Guitar?"

Guy: "Yeah. I play rhythm like a ??leftover??, dude. I was uh, I just was ??retardified?? in '85, let's see, maybe it was '85, for rhythm, for number 7 all time rhythm guitar player-SLASH! hahaha"

Band Member: "Yeeeahh."

Guy: "Yeah that was my name back then with Bob Seger. ??Homer Deck?? he used to play too! He's from Germany but he's all fucked up now too. I knew him back when we were riding bikes. I used to ride bikes, man. Got in trouble...hahaha"

Band Member: "Yeah."

Guy: "15 years of San Quintin! hahah!"

Band Member: "Ohh."

Guy: "8 years of vito!"

Band Member: "Hahaha"

Guy: "I got to Texas in 8 years down there, man."

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