Tattered And Torn is a song written by Shawn Crahan. It first appeared on Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat. It then evolved during the Crowz era and then ends up on Self titled with different lyrics from the Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat version.


Tattered and Torn

That's where my soul is worn Tattered and Torn That's when I was born Tattered and Torn I broke away from me Tattered and Torn I knocked me to my knees Tattered and Torn I drink my own cells Tattered and Torn A decomposing well Tattered and Torn Roaches in my head Tattered and Torn I become the living dead Tattered and Torn Tearing myself apart from the things that make me hurt


Review from

"A study on creepiness. The intro/verse riff is played between the guitarists (or is a single guitar track swept to both sides of the stereo spectrum). More thrashing in the end."

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