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Tattered and Torn first appeared as the fifth song on Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat, and later as the sixth song on Slipknot's debut Self Titled album.

Song Meaning

Slipknot's Shawn Crahan said about the song "If you understand Tattered and Torn, then you understand the Clown." Shawn Crahan wrote this song.


Self Titled Lyrics

Kill Me

(Tattered and Torn) Something aches
(Tattered and Torn) Bad things slither
(Tattered and Torn) My floors are burning down
(Tattered and Torn) And I can't find a window

(Tattered and Torn) This is medieval
(Tattered and Torn) This is cerebral
(Tattered and Torn) Suffocated
(Tattered and Torn) Melodramatic

(Tattered and Torn) Driven to the verge of
(Tattered and Torn) I make you my enemy
(Tattered and Torn) The nerves you sever
(Tattered and Torn) Can serve you better

(Tattered and Torn) In the blink of an eye
(Tattered and Torn) In the space of a second
(Tattered and Torn) Open my wrists
(Tattered and Torn) Give me my lessons

Tearing myself apart
From the things that make me hurt!

MFKR Lyrics

Tattered and Torn
That’s where my soul is worn
Tattered and Torn
That’s when I was born
Tattered and Torn
I broke away from me
Tattered and Torn
I knocked me to my knees
Tattered and Torn
I drink my own cells
Tattered and Torn
A decomposing well
Tattered and Torn
Roaches in my head
Tattered and Torn
I become the living dead
Tattered and Torn
Tearing myself apart from the
things that make me hurt


  • Tattered And Torn has not been played live since the Safari Club in 1996.

Appears in



Slipknot - Tattered & Torn (Audio)02:54

Slipknot - Tattered & Torn (Audio)

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