Slipknot - The Me Inside -CROWZ-Anders-02:53

Slipknot - The Me Inside -CROWZ-Anders-

The Me Inside is one of two demo versions of Me Inside from the Crowz Era. (the other version has Corey's vocals and the lyrics are slightly different) but The Me Inside has Anders vocals and the lyrics are very different.

Lyrics Edit


Numbing machine Assumes

As it's reaction has fear

Grinding me away

Killing me within myself

Losing all my hope

Must find a core

The me (INSIDE!)

My words,

Death to my soul

Reaction is pain

Grinding me away

I must redeem myself

Or I'll destroy everything you KNOW!

The me (INSIDE!)

I swear I've got a cancer inside

All of me is in my mind

Cut my throat to last time I bleed, too, on the inside


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