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The Shape is the ninth song from Slipknot's second album Iowa.

Song MeaningEdit

"In The Shape, someone is experiencing a big problem. He is really confused and does not want to come out and say it, because he's not sure how to deal with it. He uses alot of metaphors trying to get out his feelings, but its so hard that he can only manage to "beat around the bush" for say."


Slipknot - The Shape (Audio)03:39

Slipknot - The Shape (Audio)

Too tragic to stay with you

Too static to try for you

These scars, they swallow hard

The part of the past that's hollow and dark

Too horrid to kill for you

Too sordid to die with you

Unstable as always, come down

Everything else is just dust and sound

SEPARATE (I've lost my only way)

SEPARATE (I've lost my only way)

SEPARATE (I've lost my only way)

SEE THE SHAPE (Broken and thrown away)

I'd give it all away, come take it all away

You can't resent the fear

Somebody tell me how I got here

I'd give it all to you, come take it, it's all for you

The noise is so damn loud, but

Everything else is just dust and sound

I don't wanna do this anymore

Everything's shit - everything's been taken

Forsaken - gotta start it over cuz I'm hearing it

Backwards - DON'T make sense - DON'T feel better

Who's better? It's not that simple

You gotta figure it out before you make things difficult

It's not a word, it's a problem, the problem was easy

Draw your conclusions - solutions?

Anybody else wanna run?

Contorting, distorting - I am undone

One less propaganda nightmare fixture

Are you getting the picture?


This song has only been played once at Ozzfest meets Knotfest 2016.

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